Seeing the ‘big picture’ #visualthinking #engagement

One of Crackerjack’s clients sent through a picture of the rich picture we created of their organisations past and future journey. It was great to see it in pride of place in their office! We created the rich picture using a collaborative approach with the organisations team members, using their initial thoughts and ideas as theContinue reading “Seeing the ‘big picture’ #visualthinking #engagement”

Crackerjack featured in Research to Action article on Visual Note Taking at Conferences

Very pleased to be featured in an article by Laura french-Constant of Research to Action about Visual Note Taking at Conferences. You can read the article by clicking here. To find out more about how Crackerjack Visual Thinking creates images that start a conversation, contact us at or call us on +44 (0)775 282 6227.

How pictures can help people engage for success #engageforsuccess #visualthinking #engagement #strategicnarrative

Helping people throughout an organisation have a shared understanding the organisations story (often referred to as its strategic narrative) is a key part of any engagement strategy. The story can detail the history of the organisation, its current state and its future vision amongst other important information. For maximum impact, the story should detail theContinue reading “How pictures can help people engage for success #engageforsuccess #visualthinking #engagement #strategicnarrative”

A pen and paper – one of the most powerful business and thinking tools available… #visualthinking

Crackerjack Visual Thinking believes that the combination of a pen and a piece of paper is one of the most powerful business and thinking tools available. The visual thinking approach is fundamentally based on using these simple tools (or their iPad style equivalents!) to create visual images that communicate ideas, facilitate discussion, engage thinking and provide aContinue reading “A pen and paper – one of the most powerful business and thinking tools available… #visualthinking”

Helping the story live after the event

Great three days in Paris graphic recording for large global organisation. Even better that all participants committed to use the graphics to share the story of their meeting with their teams around the world!!! #engagement #graphicrecording #visualthinking

Engage your people through visual thinking…

Are you wanting to engage more fully with your people and help them see that their organisation wants and values their thoughts, ideas and opinions? Do you have an opportunity to meet with your people in the next few weeks (e.g. a meeting, conference or event)? If so, Crackerjack Visual Thinking would be happy toContinue reading “Engage your people through visual thinking…”