Creating your organisations vision for 2022 (now is the time!)

With just under 3 months to go before 2022, have you got a clear idea of your vision for 2022? If not, now is the time to create that vision and begin sharing it with your people! For various reasons, many organisations only begin planning for the new year ahead a month or two afterContinue reading “Creating your organisations vision for 2022 (now is the time!)”

Can you sketch your organisations business model in 5 minutes? #businessmodel #businessmodelcanvas

Here’s a visual thinking approach to checking the logic and clarity of your organisations business model: 1. Print off a copy (as big as possible) of @AlexOsterwalders Business Model Canvas from the Business Model Generation website. This will give you a great framework in which to visualise your thinking about your business model. 2. Use minimalContinue reading “Can you sketch your organisations business model in 5 minutes? #businessmodel #businessmodelcanvas”

Lesson’s from a blizzard

As I write, I’m looking out from my office window into a raging blizzard. The tree’s and building’s I can normally see have all but disappeared, the snow flying past the window obscures my vision. However, if I half close my eyes and squint, I can actually see the outline of the building’s and tree’sContinue reading “Lesson’s from a blizzard”

Systems Thinking x Visual Thinking = Organisational Clarity

In complex organisations, trying to understand how the various elements of the business fit together and co-exist can be challenging. By using a visual thinking approach and working with your people to visually map your business on large wall charts, you are able to see the organisation and understand more easily how your business operatesContinue reading “Systems Thinking x Visual Thinking = Organisational Clarity”