Sneak peak of a work in progress rich picture! #visualthinking #engagement #ff

Happy Friday! Thought you might like to have a sneak peak of a small bit of a rich picture I’m currently working on for a client. Very much work in progress! The client wants to have a rich picture they can use in several different ways to promote their work including as a takeaway at events, […]

Helping your people engage with your organisations plans for 2017 #engage #communicate #vision

2017 seems to be just around the corner! Although many organisations financial and strategic planning years do not align with the calendar year, it’s important to remember that moving into 2017 will, for many of your people, represent a new start. Did you know that most life changing decisions (both personal and professional) are made during the […]

Helping the story live after the event

Great three days in Paris graphic recording for large global organisation. Even better that all participants committed to use the graphics to share the story of their meeting with their teams around the world!!! #engagement #graphicrecording #visualthinking