Got a complicated message to communicate? Let a rich picture make the complex simple!!! #visualthinking #communicate #engage

Have you spent ages trying to simplify a complicated message into something that will inform and engage your people across your organisation? If so, a rich picture may be just the thing you are looking for! Rich pictures distill your key messages into a one page visual that can be shared across your whole organisation […]

Helping your people engage with your organisations plans for 2017 #engage #communicate #vision

2017 seems to be just around the corner! Although many organisations financial and strategic planning years do not align with the calendar year, it’s important to remember that moving into 2017 will, for many of your people, represent a new start. Did you know that most life changing decisions (both personal and professional) are made during the […]

The important ART of conversation #communication #engagement

Have you ever had one of those conversations that doesn’t seem to go anywhere? You may have been talking for a long time with the other people involved in your conversation but feel like none of you are really understanding what the other is trying to say. Sound familiar? Whilst most of the time this lack […]