The important ART of conversation #communication #engagement

Have you ever had one of those conversations that doesn’t seem to go anywhere? You may have been talking for a long time¬†with the other people involved in your conversation but feel like none of you are really understanding what the other is trying to say. Sound familiar? Whilst most of the time this lack […]

Let Crackerjack create a engaging visual record of your next meeting or event…

Graphic recording is the live real-time creation of a large visual record of a meeting or event (such as the graphic recording created by Crackerjack at the CIPD Annual 2013 Meeting shown above). The power of graphic recording is in the fact the brain recalls information more effectively when stimulated with a visual image than […]

Post-It notes and Visual Thinking

Many people will have experienced using Post-It notes to structure thoughts and ideas in meetings and training events. However, in many cases the Post-It notes simply have words/phrases on them resulting in them being, in effect, a moveable linear list. Research continues to show that linear lists are not the most effective way of helping […]