Travis Perkins asks Crackerjack Visual Thinking to provide facilitation and rich picture support for major change programme #engage #communicate

Crackerjack is pleased to share that Travis Perkins PLC (one of the building industries most popular brands and owner of 20+ trade, home improvement and DIY businesses including Wickes and Toolstation) has asked us to help them design and facilitate a key event in a major change programme and then produce a rich picture to share the ouputs from the event across the organisation.

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Post-It notes and Visual Thinking

Many people will have experienced using Post-It notes to structure thoughts and ideas in meetings and training events. However, in many cases the Post-It notes simply have words/phrases on them resulting in them being, in effect, a moveable linear list. Research continues to show that linear lists are not the most effective way of helping your brain understand complex and diverse information.

Visual Thinking encourages people to share their thoughts using pictures, diagrams, sketches and other visual techniques. This helps people:

  • see concepts more clearly
  • see the relationships between different ideas more easily
  • resolve problems more efficiently

Crackerjack People Development can help you and your organisation harness the power of Visual Thinking by designing and facilitating visual meetings and events and helping your people develop Visual Thinking skills in your organisation.

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