1 minute animated guide to finding the right #visualthinking approach for your organisations #learning, #engagement, #collaboration and #communication needs

Crackerjack Visual Thinking helps people think, learn and collaborate more effectively using a range of visual thinking approaches that engage people, increase understanding and improve communication. Take a look at our 1 minute guide below to find the right visual thinking approach for your needs and then contact us and visit http://www.crackerjackvisualthinking.com to discuss your specific […]

These organisations have one thing in common: #visual #thinking

What do Macmillan Cancer Support, the NHS and Westmill Foods all have in common? The answer is that they all want to use visual thinking tools to help communicate information to people (including in these cases staff, patients and strategic business partners) and start or continue important conversations in their organisations. They have recognised how incorporating […]

How a drawing can help increase your profits #visualthinking #roi #bizitalk

Click on the sketch below to see how helping you develop and sketch out your big ideas can enable your team members to work more effectively and generate increased profits for your business. To find out more about how Crackerjack can help you visualise your next idea, please contact us on +44 (0)775 282 6227 […]