Scribble Lab™ Training

Crackerjack’s Scribble Labs™ are designed to help you explore and develop the skills you need to use the power of Visual Thinking in your work.

Interflora 9th Nov 17

John’s graphic recording coaching is not only extremely valuable but also hugely enjoyable. My individual Scribble Lab session had been carefully planned to build on my abilities and with a clear direction of the goals I had said I wanted to achieve. Having this one to one attention from someone so experienced enabled me to move through my learning quickly and find answers to my many questions. A very inspiring day!

Sian Lloyd | EVHR

We currently offer three different Scribble Labs™ which are available as open and in-house workshops and tailored 1:1 coaching sessions.

Scribble Lab™ 1: Get Scribbling!

Enabling you to draw great graphics and use simple visual tools that you can use in the meetings and events you lead. Find out more…

Scribble Lab™ 2: Listen, Think, Scribble!

Introducing you to the art of creating real-time visual records of meetings and events (often referred to as Live Scribing or Graphic Recording) as they happen. Find out more…

Scribble Lab™ 3: Including Visual Thinking In Your Event Design and Facilitation!

Helping you unleash the power of Visual Thinking in your meetings, workshops and events. Find out more…

In all of our open Scribble Labs™ we ensure that:

  • All of our workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions are run using best practise visual thinking and graphic facilitation principles.
  • No more than 12 people attend each workshop, so you can be sure you will receive plenty of direct coaching and support from John Ashton during your chosen Scribble Lab™.

To find out more about our Scribble Labs™ and decide which one is right for your needs, please CONTACT US.