iPad based graphic recording – sharing your thinking visually and immediately

Crackerjack Visual Thinking are now able to share the thoughts, ideas and key themes emerging from your meetings or events visually and immediately using iPad based graphic recording. To find out how this could add value to your event, please contact us. #visualthinking #graphicrecording #shareideas #ipad

What do you call a gathering of graphic recorders?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with 11 other graphic recorders at a leadership event. It was brilliant to have the opportunity to see the similarities and differences in our work as we visually brought to life the participants thoughts and thinking through our graphic recordings. And we also concluded that a group ofContinue reading “What do you call a gathering of graphic recorders?”

What can Graphic Recording add to my meeting or event?

A graphic recording will tell the story of your meeting or event including themes, facts, memorable conversations and key images. Having a graphic recording created during your meeting or event allows: Facilitators/meeting leaders to: use the graphic recording to summarise progress during the meeting. use the graphic recording to summarise the meeting at the endContinue reading “What can Graphic Recording add to my meeting or event?”

Engaging your people using a visual ‘strategic narrative’

David Macleod and Nita Clarke, authors of the ‘Engaging for Success‘ report produced for the Department of Business, recommended four key enablers to employee engagement: Having a strong ‘strategic narrative’ Having engaged managers Ensuring the ‘employee voice‘ is heard Leading with integrity (the ‘say do gap‘) Crackerjack Visual Thinking can help organisations develop their strategicContinue reading “Engaging your people using a visual ‘strategic narrative’”

Engage your people through visual thinking…

Are you wanting to engage more fully with your people and help them see that their organisation wants and values their thoughts, ideas and opinions? Do you have an opportunity to meet with your people in the next few weeks (e.g. a meeting, conference or event)? If so, Crackerjack Visual Thinking would be happy toContinue reading “Engage your people through visual thinking…”

Ever not been able to get your idea across to someone?

Have you ever been trying to explain an idea to someone and not been able to get your concept across to them? Have you then grabbed a piece of paper and drawn a quick picture to help them understand your thinking? If so, you’ve already used a visual thinking technique! Now think about how thisContinue reading “Ever not been able to get your idea across to someone?”