Rich pictures

Rich pictures aim to tell complex stories in an easy to follow and engaging way.

Rich pictures are ideal when you want to:

  • Help people understand your organisations story and vision.
  • Help people easily understand complex ideas and processes.
  • Drive important discussions across your organisation.

We work with you and your people to understand the story you are trying to tell and then turn this into a visual that will drive drive learning, engagement and discussion in your organisation.

Long Shot

Clients often display the rich pictures we develop for them both on-line and in printed formats. One of our clients (MOSL) have their rich picture up in their central London office (as shown above) and to remind existing staff of the organisations strategic vision. They also use the rich picture as a key part of their induction programme.

Our rich pictures have also been used by clients including the Woodland Trust and the Institute of Asphalt Technology as a key resource in team meetings, events and major conferences.

To find out more about graphic recording, please view our portfolio and CONTACT US for more information.