Graphic facilitation

Graphic facilitation uses large scale imagery, visual thinking tools and best-practice facilitation approaches to help guide people and teams towards the desired outcome of a meeting or event.

Graphic facilitation is ideal when you want to:

  • Create a new vision for your organisation.
  • Create a new strategic plan.
  • Solve a problem.
  • Resolve an issue.
  • Develop a new product.
  • Energise your team.

You invest time and money in running meetings and events, so it makes sense to ensure that they provide you with a return on your investment, engage your people and deliver the outcomes you want.

Whether you want to lead the meeting yourself or want us to facilitate the event, our approach will always be the same:

  1. Be clear about the desired outcomes of the event (and challenge and sense-check your thinking as part of this process).
  2. Design the meeting using best-practice facilitation approaches and incorporate visual thinking techniques (including graphic recording, rich pictures, pre-prepared templates and visual history maps) where they will add real value to the event.
  3. Liaise with your event team and other external suppliers before and during the event to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day.
  4. Facilitate the meeting or event in an approachable, professional, challenging and creative manner. Alternatively, we will help you prepare to facilitate the meeting and provide you with the skills required to do this successfully.
  5. Review the outcomes of the meeting and help you plan next steps that will deliver the actions agreed during the event.

To discuss how we can help you design and facilitate your next meeting, please CONTACT US.