Graphic Facilitation

Meeting design and facilitation with a visual twist to help you and your teams get those brilliant ideas out of your heads and onto paper so that they can be discussed, challenged, developed and implemented!

Graphic facilitation is the basis for these creative sessions which can involve drawings, diagrams, visual timelines and future-doodling amongst many other visual thinking techniques. People will be drawing out their ideas in order to visually explore ideas and share their thinking with other participants!

We are also happy to work with you on an individual and small group basis to visualise your ideas and concepts.

Graphic facilitation is ideal when you want to:

  • Create a new vision for your organisation.
  • Create a new strategic plan.
  • Solve a problem.
  • Resolve an issue.
  • Develop a new product.
  • Improve collaboration and teamwork.
  • Energise and/or challenge your team.