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Use the power of the doodle to engage your people! #e4s #engagement #communication

This week, why not ask people in your organisation to spend 5 minutes creating a quick doodle of what they think the purpose of your organisation is. Display the completed doodles (either virtually on your intranet or on a wall in your workplace) and encourage people to have a look at them. Then start listening out for the insightful, challenging and sometimes

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Graphic Recording from Teenage and Young Adult Conference 2015 #ccam #visualthinking #graphic recording

Here’s the graphic recording I created during yesterday’s Teenage and Young Adult Conference in Sheffield focussing on providing care for 16 – 24 year olds with life-limiting illnesses. Representatives from a number organisations working in this important healthcare area were present and the graphic recording will provide them with a visual memory of the event. The graphic recording will be

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Are these the three key factors that enable people to be #engaged in their work?

1. CLARITY OF PURPOSE (“To be happy in my work I need to understand why I’m doing what I’m doing…”) 2. MORAL ALIGNMENT (“…and agree with the way in which my work will be used…”) 3. TANGIBLE BENEFIT (“…and receive appropriate reward for my efforts.”) Do you think that these are the three key factors that enable people to be fully engaged in their work? Please

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Woodland Trust 10 Year Vision Rich Picture Update

As promised a couple of weeks ago, here’s a quick update on the rich picture I’m creating to help communicate the Woodland Trusts new 10 Year Vision. After reviewing all the available reports, documentation and presentations relating to the new 10 year vision and meeting with a number of key stakeholders involved in the work, I created version 1 of

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Engaging people with the Woodland Trusts new 10 year strategic plan

Crackerjack Visual Thinking is very excited to be working with the Woodland Trust to help them engage people with their new 10 year strategic plan. The strategic plan supports the Woodland Trusts vision of ‘A UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife’. Put simply, ‘Life’s better with trees‘. We’ll be creating a ‘rich picture’ of the

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