People engagement a key driver in business success

Engagement (a persons involvement, commitment and satisfaction with an organisation) has been repeatedly shown to be one of the key drivers in:

  • Staff performance
  • Customer loyalty and spend
  • Effective business partnerships
  • Stakeholder support and buy-in

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Influencing customers final purchasing decisions

When two organisations provide very similar products and services at very similar prices, it is the customers ‘experience’ of the organisation that has the greatest influence on their final purchasing decision.

The customer experience is influenced by many factors that need to work together holistically to provide the best ‘customer experience’ possible. Reviewing whether your business is providing a holistic customer experience is therefore an essential organisational health-check tool. Learn more… #CustomerExperience

Checking and challenging your business model

The importance of ensuring that your business model (whether new or existing) maximises the performance of your organisation can not be underestimated. Regularly checking and challenging your business model is an essential key organisational health-check tool. Learn more… #BusinessModel

‘Resilient Dynamism’ – the theme of Davos 2013

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013 is taking place this week in Davos, Switzerland. Its key theme this year is about creating ‘resilient dynamism’ – in other words helping organisations, governments and other body’s to create a positive and creative environment in which growth and development can happen within an evermore transformational, complex, challenging, competitive and inter-connected world.

To enable this ‘resilient dynamism’ to flourish will initially require:

  • A clear vision of what is meant by the term ‘resilient dynamism’.
  • A clear strategic plan of how this global goal can be achieved.
  • The engagement of employees and employers around the globe with the vision and strategic plan.
  • Initiatives to ensure the that organisations and their people have the skills and ability to play their part in achieving the global goal of ‘resilient dynamism’.

To achieve the above, people development, organisational development, employee engagement and clear (visual) thinking would seem to have an important role to play. Crackerjack therefore hopes that the importance of these disciplines is recognised as part of the toolkit required to achieve ‘resilient dynamism’ during the discussions in Davos.

Post-It notes and Visual Thinking

Many people will have experienced using Post-It notes to structure thoughts and ideas in meetings and training events. However, in many cases the Post-It notes simply have words/phrases on them resulting in them being, in effect, a moveable linear list. Research continues to show that linear lists are not the most effective way of helping your brain understand complex and diverse information.

Visual Thinking encourages people to share their thoughts using pictures, diagrams, sketches and other visual techniques. This helps people:

  • see concepts more clearly
  • see the relationships between different ideas more easily
  • resolve problems more efficiently

Crackerjack People Development can help you and your organisation harness the power of Visual Thinking by designing and facilitating visual meetings and events and helping your people develop Visual Thinking skills in your organisation.

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Lesson’s from a blizzard

As I write, I’m looking out from my office window into a raging blizzard. The tree’s and building’s I can normally see have all but disappeared, the snow flying past the window obscures my vision.

However, if I half close my eyes and squint, I can actually see the outline of the building’s and tree’s more clearly.

The lesson from this blizzard is that sometimes we have to see less to see more. By reducing the amount of detail we can see, the bigger picture becomes clearer.

By applying this lesson to an organisation and reducing the amount of detail flying around in your business, can you help everyone see the bigger picture more clearly?


Can you ‘see’ your customer?

Do people in your organisation really see how their job impacts on the experience of external customers (i.e. the people who buy your products and services)? Or are they so far removed from the front line that the external customer doesn’t figure in their thinking? Does this matter? If you think it does, using a visual thinking approach to help your people to map out the ‘line of sight’ between their role and the external customer can increase engagement and productivity in your organisation. To find out more, please contact us.

Taking the time to explore and play…

Most organisations want to solve problems and generate new ideas as quickly and effectively as possible. However, counter-intuitively to some people, slowing down and taking the time to really explore and play with issues and ideas can allow the best solutions to be generated. The repercussions of rushed and ill-conceived concepts can in fact slow the business down, whereas considered quality solutions can ultimately allow the business to move at pace and succeed. #goslowtogofast

Crackerjack: the engagement, learning and creativity alchemists!

Crackerjack People Development is now a multi-disciplinary consultancy focussed on helping people and organisations perform to their maximum potential. We achieve this by offering a blended consultancy approach which incorporates the following disciplines:

Learning and Development
Designing and delivering pragmatic learning solutions that enable people to improve their performance in the workplace

Visual Thinking
Facilitating workshops and events that use visual tools and techniques to help people visualise their ideas, ‘see’ problems more clearly and identify more innovative and creative ways of resolving them.

Organisational Development
Helping organisations to identify, understand and implement the organisational changes required to enable them to remain successful in their chosen marketplace.

The alchemy of these three disciplines produces a unique approach that enables Crackerjack People Development to support businesses in engaging their people and achieving their ambitions.

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